About Myself

I am a member of the Text Analytics (LT) group at DFKI in Berlin. My research interests are in the area of natural language processing and machine learning. Particular topics include information and relation extraction from biomedical and clinical data. Within the MACSS (Medical Allround-Care Service Solutions) project I am focussing on accessing information from German discharge summaries of the nephrology domain.


18.-19.10.2017Attending ii2030
14.09.2017Talk at GSCL in Berlin "Detecting Named Entities and Relations in German Clinical Reports"
06.09.2017Talk at RANLP in Varna "Annotation of Entities and Relations in Spanish Radiology Reports"
14.07.2017Attending i:DSem Workshop "Text Mining deutscher medizinischer Texte"
July 2017Accepted paper "Detecting Named Entities and Relations in German Clinical Reports" for GSCL 2017
12.06.2017Talk at Potsdam Computational Linguistics Colloquium
May 2017I am a visiting researcher at Charité Berlin
5.-6.04.2017MACSS Milestone Meeting
12.01.2017Graduation day in Sheffield
Dec. 2016Negex Trigger Words for German are available here
Dec. 2016Attending Coling 2016 in Osaka
07.11.2016Attending Future Medicine, Innovation in Health Sciences in Berlin